Minute Flower

Redefining the Way People Donate

Minute Flower is a charitable giving platform that allows people to donate what they earn during everyday moments. Donations are calculated in terms of hours and minutes rather than dollars and cents.

The aim is to empower people who want to be philanthropically involved but don't have the time to volunteer. Time-based giving allows people to donate an everyday moment – a 5-minute coffee break or a 30-minute lunch – to a cause they care about. Rather than donating only a few discrete times a year, people can experience the emotional reward over a prolonged period of time, enabling them to 'feel' the donation as it's happening.

The app uses an optional salary range to suggest a minute-value (how much you earn during one minute of your day). Once you've confirmed your minute-value, you can donate parts of your day to a non-profit. For example, if you earn $30/hr, your minute-value is $0.50. When you donate a 10-minute coffee break, $5 will be sent to the charity you've selected.



Interaction Design

Matthew Canton

Creative Direction

Indhira Rojas

Visual Design

Matthew Canton & Ellen Keith