Making Fitness Data Tangible

Larklife is a fitness tracking system consisting of a day and night wristband that links via Bluetooth to a companion iOS app. The band tracks a user's daily fitness, diet and sleep activity, while the app provides real-time feedback and tips for making small changes to improve health.

The app was designed with the philosophy that celebrating everyday improvements can lead to greater motivation and long-term benefits. Lark drew on the expertise of scientists, psychologists, and fitness gurus to design the user experience.

Collaborating with the Lark team, I designed the mobile app experience to reflect the product's holistic approach to wellness. The project involved coordinating with product, hardware, and engineering teams as well as Lark's branding and design consultants.


“Lovely and unique companion app for tracking personal activity and sleep... the emphasis is more on wellness and thinking positively than getting into the nitty gritty of what you did wrong for the day.”
PC Mag


Early Sketches


UI Demo



Product Design

Matthew Canton & Lily Cheng

UI Design

Matthew Canton & Elizabeth Brown

Hardware Design & Branding

Ammunition Group